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  1. Can visitors leave and reenter the Biopark on the same day?
If, at any time during your visit, you need to leave and return to the Biopark on the same day, you will have to get your entrance ticket sealed at the Visitors’ Service Center, allowing re-entry for a period of no more than two hours.

2. What are the payment methods available at the Biopark?
You can pay with cash, in US Dollars or with VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards, both when buying the entrance tickets and inside the Biopark, in one payment (no extra charge), and with debit cards. Not all food stalls offer this payment method but most restaurants do.
3. What are the benefits of the Annual Pass?
With the “Annual Pass”, you have unlimited admission to visit the Biopark as many times as you wish during a year. Annual Pass holders are entitled to complimentary Parking as long as the Pass is valid. The annual pass is a promotional benefit and cannot be combined with other promotions. The price includes admission on the day the Pass is purchased.

4. Can visitors enter the Biopark with food, beverages or mate kits?
Outside food and beverages are not allowed into the Biopark. If you need to leave and reenter the Biopark on the same day, you will have to get your entrance ticket sealed at the Visitors’ Service Center. In this way, you will have a maximum period of two hours to reenter the Biopark.
Temaikèn offers a whole variety of high-quality food options throughout the visit, where you can enjoy tasty dishes prepared with fresh and healthy products, sandwiches, beverages, yummy ice-creams, coffee, desserts and cakes, among other options.

5. Are there any benefits for disabled people?
Disabled people can enter Temaikèn Biopark free of charge by showing their relevant certification and ID at our Ticket Offices.
There are wheelchairs available to rent at the Visitors’ Service Center. All pathways have appropriate wheelchair ramps and accesses so that mobility impaired persons may visit all the Biopark’s areas and activities (360° Movie Theatre, Aquarium, etc.).

6. Can visitors buy the tickets to the Biopark in advance?
You can buy your tickets by credit card in advance through our webpage You can also purchase the tickets in advance at our Ticket Offices.

7. Is there rain insurance?
Since the Biopark remains open even if it rains during regular opening hours, we do not have rain insurance. Areas such as the Aquarium, the caves of the pumas, bats, squirrels and tigers, and attractions such as the 360° Movie Theatre are covered areas. However, for you to better enjoy your visit in the outdoor areas, we suggest that you wear jackets, rain capes or umbrellas, which can be purchased at the Souvenir Shop.

8. Are there guided tours organized for groups?
Temaikèn Biopark has specialized staff and facilities to manage group visits, with special prices, discounts, fixed menus, guided tours and special activities. For information and reservations, please call us from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm at 0348-4436977, or send us an e-mail to

9. Are there guided tours for schools?
We have developed Educational Programs for schools, the topics and contents of which have been designed based on the learning objectives established by the Ministry of Education for all levels. The learning methodology, which includes didactic classes throughout Temaikèn Biopark, audiovisual projections and the use of interactive support, provides an attractive learning experience of the main topics of each program. For information and reservations, please call us from Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm at (0348) 443-6890, or send us an e-mail to

10. Can visitors touch the animals?
There are no free-roaming animals in Temaikèn Biopark, except in proper areas that enhance their life quality and meet their needs, where you can enjoy seeing them in an environment similar to their natural habitat. This policy, together with the one that takes into account the number of animals per environment (directly related to the animals’ needs and not to the dimensions of the place) is in agreement with the standards set forth by the WAZA (World Association of Zoos and Aquariums). It is worth mentioning that, except for the area in The Farm, which hosts domestic animals, there is no direct contact with other species that live in the Biopark.

11. What does the entrance ticket include?
Entrance tickets bought at the Ticket Offices provide access to all the Biopark’s activities, areas and attractions (Aquarium; Environments of Africa, Asia, Patagonia and Mesopotamia; The Birds House; the 360º Movie Theatre; The Farm; Interactive Centers and playgrounds).

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